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Serving the Big Horn Basin since 1981

Natural Methods

A chiropractic adjustment

The Borgstrand Clinic uses acupuncture together with other methods to get people well and keep them well without drugs or surgery. These totally natural methods include:

CHIROPRACTIC (Greek: “done by hand”): the adjusting of the joints of the spine, arms, legs, skull and jaw to improve joint and muscle function and to restore normal nerve flow to the body. All chiropractic adjustments are done by hand.

CHINESE PHYSIOTHERAPY: the use of tui-na (pronounced twee naw: literally “push/pull“), gua sha (pronounced gwaw saw: literally “skin scraping“), cupping and bonesetting to restore normal joint, nerve and muscle function, detox the body and to balance energy.

CHINESE HERBOLOGY: the selection of raw herbs and prepared herbal formulas to balance energy in the body. Improperly dispensed herbs can be ineffectual or even dangerous. Chinese herbals at the Borgstrand Clinic are dispensed only after a traditional Chinese diagnostic work-up to insure effectiveness and safety. We have the region’s most complete Chinese herbal pharmacy.

NUTRITION: recommendations for healthful eating and nutritional supplementation.

HOMEOPATHY: the use of homeopathic remedies to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. We stock highly effective European homeopathics. Bach Flower Remedies are dispensed according to applied kinesiological testing to assure effectiveness.

THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE: instruction in exercise designed to reduce stress and to improve joint motion, muscle strength, and flexibility.

WESTERN PHYSIOTHERAPY: the use of craniosacral therapy, spinal mobilization, electrical stimulation, diathermy (deep heat), ultrasound, cryotherapy (ice), trigger point therapy (dry needling), and neuromuscular therapy to improve function and to reduce pain.

LIFESTYLE COUNSELING: instruction in how to use the mind-body-spirit connection to reduce stress and to enhance your own healing powers. As a cancer survivor, Lilo Klaehn has a special interest in working with people in this area.

The Great Wall near Beijing, China